In the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, maintaining family connections with grandparents and other loved ones presents a notable challenge. The desire to share the precious moments of your child’s life with loved ones is universal, but finding a secure and convenient way to do so can be elusive. This article explores the common challenges faced by parents in sharing these moments and introduces our solution for them.

As parents, we all know the joy that comes with capturing our child’s first steps, the first tooth, or the heartwarming smiles that light up our days. However, the struggle arises when we want to share these special moments, particularly with grandparents who may not be physically present. Traditional methods, such as printed photo albums or occasional emails, often fall short in providing a real-time and interactive experience.

Method 1: Endless group chats

These days, platforms like WhatsApp and iMessage have become the go-to channels for creating group chats. You might have a group chat with the grandparents for your family, or for each child. It might be convenient to quickly send a picture or a funny video to a group chat. However, these precious moments can easily get buried, lost or inadvertently deleted when clearing up storage in your phone.

Method 2: Instagram

Instagram is like a visual scrapbook for families, but it comes with a cost – every picture you share means giving up your privacy to Meta, the company that owns Instagram. While you enjoy scrolling through memories, remember that you’re also handing over your personal moments to a big company that makes profit from your data.

Our solution – Your own shared family album

With Kidday we wanted to give families a platform to create a digital family album of their child’s journey that they can easily share with their loved ones.

Posting moments

Parents can effortlessly share photos and videos, capturing the precious moments of their child. The moments are published on an Instagram-style timeline and are instantly available to react and comment by your loved ones. You keep the ownership of all the photos and videos you decide to publish, unlike on other platforms.

Inviting loved ones

You have the control in who can and who cannot see your child’s moments. Invite your grandparents and closest family to follow your child’s life. You can also choose to give them the access to publish photos and videos on your child’s timeline themselves.


In the busy world we live in, Kidday is like a special place for families to easily share and keep their important moments. Unlike regular group chats or Instagram, Kidday lets parents share pictures and videos without losing them or giving away their privacy. It’s an easy and safe way to connect with family. With Kidday, families can enjoy sharing to their family album without worrying about their personal moments being shared with everyone. Kidday is not just a fix for a problem; it’s a friendly space for families to share their child’s journey while keeping things private.

You can download the app from here.