Terms of Purchase

These Premium Terms and Conditions (or “Terms”) apply to the use of the Kidday service (“Service”). By creating a Kidday account or using Kidday and purchasing the Premium version of the Service, you accept these terms in addition to the General Terms of Use for the Service. Kidday is a service owned by Muntius Oy (“Company,” “We,” or “Our”). These Kidday Premium Terms form an agreement between you and Muntius Oy. The Company’s business ID is 2767159-2.

These Kidday Premium Terms provide you with general information about the use of the Kidday Premium version and its terms of use. More information about our Terms and Conditions can be found here.


Muntius Oy offers you the Kidday service tailored to your use. The Kidday Premium version offers you broader functionalities and benefits.

Use and Payment of Kidday Premium Version

  1. You have the right to use the Kidday Premium version by paying a limited usage fee determined by the Company for a specific future usage period. Payment of the usage fee activates the Premium version subscription.
  2. The choice of the usage period is made when purchasing the Premium version. If you wish to make changes to a previously made purchase and the associated usage period, please contact our customer service by email. The customer service email address is support@kidday.com.
  3. After the paid usage period, the subscription to the Premium version is automatically renewed for the same usage period as the previous one, and you will be charged the applicable pricing for the usage period.
  4. The usage fee is paid in the manner determined by the Company. The Company does not provide receipts or other documents for payments.
  5. The Company may change the amount of the usage fee and the length of the usage period at its own discretion for upcoming automatically renewing usage periods. We will notify you of any changes to the usage fee at least 30 days before the change takes effect. By continuing to use the Service, you accept the new Premium version terms.
  6. If you wish to cancel the Premium version subscription, you must follow the procedure defined by the Company. Manage the Premium version subscription through the Kidday application.
  7. Upon canceling the Premium version subscription, we will not refund any unused portion of the usage period payment, either in full or partially. In the event of cancellation, the payments for upcoming automatically renewing usage periods will be canceled.
  8. Upon canceling the Premium version subscription, you will be prevented from entering new information into the services included in the Premium version.
  9. If the purchaser of the Premium version is a minor, they must provide written consent from their guardian for the purchase.
  10. If the Company determines that you have not paid the Premium version fee by the due date, we may suspend the provision of the service included in the Premium version without separate notice.
  11. As a purchaser, you are responsible for all bank transfer fees or other costs related to payment.
  12. If the Company determines that you engage in any action against the Company or our Service, the Company may suspend the provision of the Premium version without separate notice. The Company can also terminate this terms of use agreement if the Company determines that you have violated these Premium terms or the General terms of use.
  13. We use reasonable skill and care in providing the Premium version to you. However, we cannot guarantee that our service will always function without interruptions, delays, or imperfections. Assuming we have exercised reasonable skill and care, we do not accept responsibility for losses that do not result from our breaches of these Premium terms or the General terms of use, or otherwise from our activities, losses that are not reasonably foreseeable by us and you at the time of accepting these Premium terms or the General terms of use. We also do not accept liability for damages caused by the activities, software, and hardware required for providing our service by third parties.
  14. We do not refund the payment for your chosen Premium version usage period, even if the availability of the service is partially or completely hindered for any reason.
  15. If there is a conflict between these Premium terms and the General terms of use for our Service, the General terms of use take precedence.

Updating the Terms

We continuously develop and modify the Kidday Premium version. Therefore, we may also make changes to these Premium terms.

Unless the law requires otherwise, we will notify you of changes to these Terms (e.g., through our Service or by email) at least 30 days in advance, so you can review the content of the updated Terms before they come into effect. If you use the Premium version after the Terms come into effect, the updated Terms will bind you. If you do not wish to accept these or the updated Terms, you can stop using the Premium version through the Kidday application.

This is the English version of the Terms. This is the unofficial version meant for reference and translation purposes. The original Finnish version can be found here.

Version 1. Published 8.8.2023

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